Miner Comparison Chart

Sometimes all the fluctuating data can be very confusing. We put together this chart to try to help you understand the relationships between energy efficiency and cost to see a return on your investment. Hopefully, this helps to visualize what miner will work best for you now.

This data is a static capture of the estimated monthly profits from https://www.asicminervalue.com and https://www.nicehash.com/profitability-calculator/ and https://minerstat.com/hardware/asics

This is in no way a guarantee of anything, whenever you are dealing with crypto it is a high risk, including the operation of miners. You are exclusively responsible to do your own research if you choose to take on that risk.

Prices on this list are rough and may be more accurate on the product page, reaching out to me is the best way to ensure you get the most realistic current pricing.

This list was compiled on 6-1-2022. Please wait for the image to load.

To help you further analyze your options we also put together the concept of what a fully loaded 100A load center could safely provide for you in terms of monthly cash flow.

We are able to procure any of these machines as well as many others, please reach out if there is anything you are looking for specifically or if you are looking to place a higher quantity order.