How Do I Setup My ASIC Miner?

Once you receive your miner, you'll want to follow these steps for simple setup and operation:

  1. Plug the individual connectors from your power supply into each hashing card as well as into the controller.
  2. Connect your Ethernet cable from the miner to your router
  3. Plug your miner into either a 120V or 240V outlet, depending on your machine’s requirements.
  4. Use an IP scanner like the one at https://www.advanced-ip-scanner.com/ to find the IP address of your machine on your local network, make sure you are connected to your local network as well and the miner should pop up with a name referencing itself.
  5. Take the IP address you found for your miner and put it into an internet browser, while you are still connected to your local network, the miner should pop up with its current configuration and ask for a username and password. Typically, they will be "root" and "root" however you may find using "admin" in place of either may work. if no combination of "root" or "admin" grant access you will need to do a hard reset on the miner itself. To do a hard reset you will find a small button on the front of the miner that you will need to press and hold. after the reset is complete you will be able to use the default user and pw from earlier.
  6. Search the web for the current most profitable mining pool, sites like https://whattomine.com/coins and https://www.poolwatch.io/  can help you find the best option by coin or by algorithm. once you determine which pool you want to go with and setup an account with them, you will find your individual mining addresses labeled as your workers typically. here you can set your worker name and the password for each. This can vary depending on the pool you are using so be sure to read through their unique steps for connection to their pools with your miner.
  7. take the address, worker name, and pw from the pool you choose and add it into the configuration in your miner. make sure you have your coins directed to be sent to the crypto wallet address of your choosing as well. Be sure the address you use is for the specific coin that will be sent there or you will lose them!
  8. sit back and enjoy the rewards! (Don't forget to pay the power bill...)



Do You Have Other Miners Available?

Yes! we have connections with multiple respected suppliers and can source just about any miner you may be looking for. If at all possible, we will match the current market rate for that miner and typically delivery will be within 2 weeks of placing a custom order. To do this just reach out with your request and, we will list the product on the website for you to place your order.


How Long Do I Have to Wait After Payment Is Made?

Unfortunately, there is a lot of demand in the industry and trying to maintain inventory can be very difficult. Our goal is to keep at least a few of each miner readily available, tested and packaged. That way we can aim to get your order delivered within 3-7 days when they are in stock. However, if we do not have the miner, you want readily in stock there will be a delay in processing that could be up to 7-28 days. If you are pre-ordering a new unreleased machine we will give you a date of anticipated delivery, however that also can be affected by many variables.


Why Are You Selling These Instead of Running Them for Profit?


It would be wonderful to build a mining farm with unlimited electrical capacity. However, one of the main limits you’ll find as you start establishing your own farm is that you only have so many 120V and 240V circuits in your home or shop. The power draw of some miners can be fairly significant and you will run out of room to place miners without tripping of the circuit, or even worse, tripping off your entire load center. This is one of the main reasons you’ll find higher profitability and more energy efficient miners tend to cost quite a bit more.