Avalon 1166 Pro 78Th/s



Available on backorder

Available on backorder

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Avalon 1166 Pro 78Th/s

Product Description

The 1166 Pro is a cost effective income generating ASIC miner. , delivered with U.S. compatible power supply, 220V power cords, and network cable.

Miner Stats:

Ideal Crypto to Mine: Bitcoin

Algorithm: SHA-256

Hash Rate:  78 Th/s

Power Consumption: 3400W

Supply Voltage: 240V

Operating Voltage:11.6-13.0V

Ambient Noise: 75db

Interface: Ethernet

Dimensions: 12.05″ x 15.95″ x 17.4″

Weight: 28.23Lbs

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No information we provide is financial advice, please research these products for your own understanding. Daily profit and “ROI” ratings are an estimate based on a random time frame, that value can and will change constantly and does affect pricing as well.

Additional Information

For reference to your potential profitability check out the Asicminer or Whattomine calculator.

**Please note that your mining profitability will vary based on the current value of the Cryptocurrency you are mining. Also, prices on these machines can fluctuate greatly due to that valuation and we may adjust our pricing from time to time to compensate for our costs.**


Avalon 1166 Pro 78Th/s


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