Antminer Z15 420Ksol/s


In stock (can be backordered)

In stock (can be backordered)

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Antminer Z15 420Ksol/s

Product Description

The Antminer Z15 420Ksol/s is a cost effective income generating ASIC miner. This is secondhand from China over stock, delivered with U.S. compatible power supply and network cable. We test all equipment prior to it leaving our facility to ensure you have easy start up and trouble free operation.

Miner Stats:

Ideal Crypto to Mine: ZEN, ZEC

Algorithm: Equihash

Hash Rate: 420Ksol/s

Power Consumption: 1510W

Supply Voltage: 240V

Operating Voltage:11.6-13.0V

Ambient Noise: 72db

Interface: Ethernet

Dimensions: 5.24″x 9.65″ x 11.42″

Weight: 19.9Lbs

While this is in stock we can deliver within 7-14 days, however if we are out of stock it may take 30+ days to deliver, due to high demands, low inventory and our verification process to ensure functionality on all units. Please verify with us before ordering if long shipping times are a concern for you. Unfortunately this has become standard with these devices.

In-stock items will typically take 3-5 Days to arrive.
Backorders (pre-orders) will usually take 30+ Days depending on the item.

Additional Information

For reference to your potential profitability check out the Asicminer or Whattomine calculator.

**Please note that your mining profitability will vary based on the current value of the Cryptocurrency you are mining. Also, prices on these machines can fluctuate greatly due to that valuation and we may adjust our pricing from time to time to compensate for our costs.**


Antminer Z15 420Ksol/s


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