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Power Supplies

Power Supplies

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Typically the weakest component on your mining setup is the power supply, upgrade it now for years more great service. The APW7 outperforms the more common APW3 in energy efficiency and operational temperature.

Check out this write up from the manufacturer on the benefits of using this optimized power supply.

The server style power supply takes reliability up another notch as well.

The generic 2000W power supply produces high output and 220V input capacity.



Power Capacity: 1100W, 1800W, 2000W

Input Voltage: 120V or 240V

Output Voltage: 11.6-13.0V

Suitable Miners:  good for Box and Mini miners as well as the older L3 or S9 models.


delivery is typically within 7-14 days, however if inventory is low it may take longer, due to high demand and shipping delays. Please verify with us before ordering if long shipping times are a concern for you. Pre-ordered machines will take longer and are subject to delays in manufacturing, sometimes up to a year.


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Pre-orders carry inherent risks that we are not able to buffer for you,
as such they are not refundable and require a cash type payment to
secure. Delays and variation due to manufacturing are almost always a
factor when ordering hardware before it exists. If you're uncomfortable
with this we highly recommend waiting until the products are readily
available, we can help keep you up to date with that as well. If you do
choose to take the risk of making a pre-order through us, rest assured
we will maintain good communication with you every step of the way and
will do everything in our ability to ensure you get the product you
desire at the best possible price.