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Goldshell KD Lite

Goldshell KD Lite

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The Goldshell KD Lite is a cost effective income generating ASIC miner. Delivered with U.S. compatible power supply and network cables.

Miner Stats:

Ideal crypto to Mine: Kadena

Algorithm: Blake2S

Hash Rate: 16.2Th/s

Power Consumption: 1330W

Supply Voltage: 120VAC to 220VAC

Operating Voltage: 12VDC

Ambient Noise: 55db


For reference of your potential profitability check out

Please note that your mining profitability will very based on the current value of the cryptocurrency you are mining and the network difficulty.

Also, prices on these machines can fluctuate greatly based on that valuation and demand, we regularly need to adjust our pricing to keep up with the current market.

delivery is typically within 7-14 days, however if inventory is low it may take longer, due to high demand and shipping delays. Please verify with us before ordering if long shipping times are a concern for you. Pre-ordered machines will take longer and are subject to delays in manufacturing, sometimes up to a year.


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